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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Victoria's Promise by Julie Wright

Rating: PG-13 (there is mention of substance abuse- in the subplot)
Grade: B+/4 stars
Recommend: Yes- great beach book

So it's no shocker that I love bachelor books by now right?!

Victoria's promise is part of the Newport Ladies Book Club series. This is the first book I've read in the series and it read fine as a stand-alone (but did make me interested to read more in this series).

Victoria Winters (Tori), is 2nd AD on the set of Vows.  After a run-in with Christopher Caine (don't you just love that name!) she finds herself thinking about him more and more.  Tori is part of the Newport Ladies Book Club and we are introduced to the other ladies an their stories throughout the book.  I am very curious to read Ilana's story after this book!

Chris Caine, is the bachelor. Enough said... :) Or maybe not, he's southern, sweet and totally off limit's for Tori.  I wish I had seen a little more of Chris Caine, but he was great.

What I liked: I liked that this book was an easy light-hearted CLEAN read.  I've read other books by Julie Wright and I really enjoy her writing style. And of course I love that it was written in first person narrative despite being a women's fiction book (Women's fiction tends to use 3rd person I've noticed-which I don't care for).

I liked that this romance took a little time to build.  The MC's actually talked about real things, not just their feelings: books, her scripts etc.  That was sweet and felt real.

This was a fun book because you got a feel for being behind the scenes on the set of the bachelor (something I would love to do).  I also really liked the scenes with Ilana, a woman who is struggling with prescription drugs.  I loved that this book wasn't afraid to talk about tough issues- I am interested to read more of her story.

What I didn't like: I find I am less and less interested in writing this section because when I read what someone didn't like about a book I tend to focus in on that one thing more than I would have before I read it. So my comments in this section will be kept brief from here on out (unless I REALLY don't like something or object to it morally).  I would have loved to read more at the end.  I am a sucker for epilogue's, I guess I just don't like to leave a characters' world once I'm in it.  I would have loved to see a wedding or what they were like after the end of the show... But I also know that this was about the show vows and it was a perfect ending, so, ya.

I would recommend this movie.  It is great for the beach. It is a cute book that I finished quickly.

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