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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mile 21 by Sarah Dunster

Grade: A
Rating: PG-13 (no language or sexual situations)
Content: Clean (death of a spouse)
Recommendation:  Highly Recommend (Read this book when you really want to FEEL something and have a box of tissues)

Best Quote: The whole dang book was awesome, but I will try to narrow this down.

A few months ago I saw this book and past over it. it kept coming up and I kept passing by it... the cover seemed a little 1980's from the gold rings to the pink rose. Well, I was in a bit of a book slump and this one popped up again, so I decided to try a sample... by page two I was hooked. I'm so glad I read this one!  I recommend this book, its the first book in a LONG time to make me favorites list.

This book is about a girl named Abish who is recently widowed. She is 21, not married, but not "single" and struggling to get through her life as an undergrad at BYU-I. She is training to run the marathon the her husband never was able to run.

What I liked:  Oh Abish, I cried, I laughed, I nearly threw my kindle a few times, but most of all I really rooted for you. I loved this book! Yes it was heartbreaking and I don't usually pick up these kind of books, but something about this book... wow! 

I loved reading Abish's internal monologue.... wait, dialogue? It was so real, so touching. Her bishop/boss was stern, but so perfect, so real. Her roommates, oh wow... made me glad I never had them. Mama, Pen and Suzy... and of course Bob.  Abish felt like a real person to me.  And I mean she was REAL: her emotions,  her depression, her thoughts, her actions.  Sometimes she made choices that made me cringe.  I couldn't believe the things she did at times, and yet, it was exactly right.  I was so curious how the author was able to create such an honest story. Read more about Sarah Dunster's story here. I am amazed at Sarah and her ability to take such a difficult life experience and pour all that emotion into an incredibly beautiful and inspiring story. Don't misunderstand,  Mile 21 is not Sarah's story, it's Abish's; however, the feelings, the emotions, are real and raw and just right. 

What I didn't like: The only thing about this book I didn't like was the characters' names... Bob, not a swoon worthy name...Abish eek hard one to get past, admittedly one of the reasons I kept passing it up. There are others like a girl named Steve and the "turd" too. But the names were the worst part for me... so that is really saying something. 

The pace of the book was a little slower than what I've been reading recently, but it fit the story perfectly.

Content: Clean
(there is talk of the first husband passing away and of miscarriage...)

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